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Once you've planed to travel, book your Wi-Fi data plan right away! Unidata offers coverage in over 140 countries! We have over 150 data plans starting from 1 day or 1 GB!

*If the country you are planning to travel to is not listed in the plan list, please feel free to contact us!

*Speed ​​will change to 1Mbps if usage exceeds 3GB,

Unidata offers data plans for all countries in Asia below.

Vietnam/Japan/South Korea/Taiwan/Kazakhstan/Pakistan/China/Thailand/Hong Kong/Cambodia/Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia/Jordan/Philippines/Israel/Sri Lanka/Nepal/India/Saudi Arabia/Laos/Macau/Bangladesh/Bahrain/Mongolia/ Qatar/Brunei/Maldives/Armenia/Azerbaijan/George/Akwait/Oman/United Arab Emirates/Tajikistan

Unidata offers data plans for all European countries listed below.

Poland / United Kingdom / Czech Republic / Italy / Portugal / France / Iceland / Russia / Ukraine / Turkey / Spain / Germany / Andorra / Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Switzerland / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / Greece / Croatia / Ireland / Lithuania / Latvia/Malta/Netherlands/Norway/Romania/Serbia/Sweden/Slovenia/Slovakia/Montenegro/Jersey/Isle of Man/Gibraltar/Hungary/Cyprus/Macedonia/Guernsey/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Luxembourg/Albania/Liechtenstein/Vatican/Monaco/ Aland Islands/San Marino

Unidata offers data plans for all countries in North America:

United States / Puerto Rico / Mexico / Saint Martin / Canada / Guadeloupe / Martinique / Antigua and Barbuda / Aruba Cayman Islands / Curacao / Grenada / Haiti / Jamaica / Trinidad and Tobago / Turkish Islands and Caicos / British Virgin Islands / Anguilla Saint Vincent and grenadine

Unidata offers data plans for all countries in South America:

Uruguay/Argentina/Brazil/Chile/Colombia/Panama/Peru/Ecuador/Costa Rica/Dominican Republic/Guatemala/Nicaragua/El Salvador/Venezuela/Guyana/Paraguay/Bolivia/Suriname

Unidata offers data plans for all countries in the Oceania area below.

Australia/Fiji/Guam/Saipan/New Zealand/Tahiti

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